Phase 2 - 4th Jan

Whilst i was away there was still lots progress and outgoings so heres an update on the spendings plus some photos of how is looking

Phase 2 - 2nd Jan

So after some serious thought and watching some of my videos i decided to revamp the style of content and create montage videos summaries aspects of life out here.

I will be making a 3 part series covering of life in, Kampala, Bulami, and on the building adullams. Each vid will be no more then 3 mins filled with short clips taken throughout.

Each series will have parts as i keep shooting a discovering more and more, heres ‘On the go/move’ pt 1 and ‘Building adullam pt 2’

Phase 2 - 1st January

Happy new year! outside of the normally hungover routine i spent the first day of the new year kayaking down the nile with my personal guide David, we tackled some serious rapids and i almost drowned, good fun!

Phase 2 - 26th Dec

After a full day of sports and food, and a long evening of music and dancing, many were happy to see the rains fall which allowed everyone to have a long needed lay in, work will resume again tomorrow.