Iv received a list of articles from different news outlets to help understand the gravity of whats going on in Uganda, this helps give insight to some of the issues at hand and what efforts are being made for change. 

The government are making it harder for community schools like Adullam to run so it's important to understand why, and help educate anyone wanting to understand the situation.

Links to articles :

Uganda is closing schools backed by U.S., World Bank, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg

August 17, 2016

Parliament backs ministry on closing substandard schools

September 2017

Soroti nursing school turns classrooms into dormitories


There are no failures in Uganda’s education system


Stop blame games on poor academic show


Enforcement of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for private schools and school charges in Uganda

February 2018

Involve young people in development plans

APRIL 23 2018

New O-Level curriculum: What’s the teachers’ fate?

APRIL 2018