£2,138 raised! We did it! 

Dear Supporters / Readers

A huge special thank you to all who have donated to make this possible, through your collective efforts we have made huge steps towards improving the well being of others. The impact this classroom will have will benefit children's lives for many years to come and together, we have proved that when unified in our thoughts, our collective intentions can manifest into great acts of compassion.

With just under 1000 visitors to the crowdfunding campaign we secured enough supporters to make this a reality, for that I thank everyone one who shared this campaign across social media, promoted it in conversation, and those who listened and believed that this was possible, you all played a vital role in making this happen! Just imagine what else could be achieved if we had 10,000 visitors.

Stay in the loop

Photos and videos sent to me from Mr Nsereko will be uploaded here, updating me (and you!) on developments until I return there. I plan to join them in the final stages of the build in April/may, with hopes to witness the renovation and capture its development, telling the story of this community built project and its potential through community spirit. This small change to the school is a huge victory that you all have helped make possible. 

Thank you!