2 years later

Being the first place I traveled to when starting my solo journey, I had made strong connections with this community. Over 2 years had past William and I managed to stay in touch, hearing about the progress the pupils I taught have made and how the land was looking. It was always positive hearing news about Adullam's growth, until mid-summer 17.

In November 2017 I was told about how many more pupils Adullam had taken on over the summer from their district alone and how they were struggling to manage with the current conditions and capacity. When I taught at Adullam there were around 120 pupils, today Adullum teaches over 350 children but using the same facilities, leaving them stretched on materials, teachers and supplies to feed the children. 

Alongside this, the wet seasons were doing so much damage to the structures that it had become impossible to operate as a classroom without disrupting the class. As this school has no government aid it became clear that the community needed help from elsewhere to keep Adullam alive.