Westside Radio

Almost a month in and progress has been steady. I'm due to speak on Westside Radio with presenter Tosin Dimez (talkswithtos) talking about my experience in Uganda and how this campaign started.

Radio is perfect for spreading the message through conversation and discussing this campaign in more detail, this will hopefully create more awareness to the cause. Alongside twitter and other platforms, the aim is to have this crowdfund known by as many people possible, the key is in the name 'crowd'. To reach this goal i need to see past family and friends and tap into to the pupilc sphere.

I hope to address some of the bigger issues surrounding Adullam, from standards of living to gender inequality present around Uganda. Whether we'll have enough time the cover these topics will be sadly out of my control (though, probably for the best).

Tune into Talkswithtos every Thursday 7-10pm on Westside Radio 89.6FM (LDN)

I will join Tosin on the 25th at 9pm, tune in!