Campaing launch!

The crowdfund is live! Here begins the start of a long road as I have 42 days to try and hit this target, with a deadline set for mid-February our plan is to have this classroom built by April 2018.  I decided to add incentives to make it more appealing to donate for those wanting something in return and edited a short video to help engage my viewers and show the conditions of the school from when I was out there teaching (structurally there has been no changes to the school over the 2 years).

The main demographic I aim to target this campaign towards are those with children themselves, parents will be able to relate with other parents in regards to the sense of safety and standards of living. I hope the idea of picturing their own in such conditions might provoke action to help, relating to parents across the world through a means of wanting a better life for their children.

Alongside parents, I plan to target this campaign towards people with profiles, especially ones with a following on social media that could help engage an audience. Artists, footballers, public speakers and tv personalities, anyone with a profile that might have a connection to Africa and might resonate with what we're trying to achieve.

Alongside the incentives, I will begin looking into Christian churches and schools that I might be able to connect with Adullam and endorse this campaign. By connecting this school with others in London I hope to gather old books and equipment that are unused and wouldn't mind passing on to a school that could make good use of it. 

Click here for link to the campaign.