How It All Began

Welcome to my blog! This will be a dedicated feed to the story and developments of Adullum school

In October 2015 I went to Uganda to shoot a documentary with the Kamwenge Scholarship Fund, Over the course of two weeks, we visited over 20 schools travelling with Robert Kamasaka, chairman of the Kamwenge district council and founder of Equatorial college school.

We gained insight into the lives of people in Kamwenge, Interviewing teachers, locals, parents and pupils to learn about the issues around education, with the aim to raise awareness and promote the amazing work KSF is doing. 

Some of these schools were established, while others lacked the bare essentials. Small things like books for each subject and desks to work on were scarce in many cases. This was an eye-opening experience that challenged my perspective. I struggled with questions I couldn't answer and came to realise my privilege, growing up in a city. To see the conditions and hear the stories was truly humbling.

After the two weeks filming, the crew returned to London but I decided to stay on and begin my first solo travel. This is where the story of Adullum begins, how I met the founder William Nsereko, worked at his community school, and my involvement teaching and starting the renovation project.