Update - 1st June

So everything has been on stand still since we used up all the last bits of the money raised to buy the last bit of materials and labour for the renovation project.

I feel Slightly deflated about not hitting our deadline which was for April 2018 but as the project has got bigger, i believe so will the reward as i still intend to complete what we had started. More planning and budgeting will need to go into completing this now as it is 4x bigger then originally intended but in doing so Adullam will have an impressive structure that in time will help bring new students who can pay for fees.

The government intervening with our plans was unexpected, but now going forward there will be nothing they can say or do to change our goal, the new layout plans are set to the required standards so as long as we meet their requirements, we will have no more problems going forward.

For now, there wont be any more posts on my blog as i begin figuring out how to go about completing this project. to those who have been following my journey, thank you and you will hear from me again soon.