Phase 2 - 25th Dec

As opposed to a traditional Christmas at home where you’d spend quality time with loved ones indoors (because its normally freezing outside) this year iv experienced a Christmas like no other.

Sound systems blast songs through the streets at 100mph and

All come out to rejoice, no one saying “Merry Christmas” instead , “Praise Jesus” “Hallelujah” and “amen” (pronounced “ahminah) Celebrating the birth of their lord at every instance.

Presents were few and alcohol is rare to find but food is plentiful and the town doesn’t sleep till 4-5am thanks to the show William and adullams church members put on for Bulamis town square.

This show is put on not because he profits from it but because there are children who cant afford to enter the paid for events and so would be left out around this time of year. Seeing this lack of service to the younger generation he acts and with his team, Samuel and Semanda, Kristine and Daffney they rig the stage, set the lights and wire the amps to blast music and present all night to those disadvantaged.

All around Bulami you can find areas cornered off with with bands and performances on show (at a price) but William offers the churches generator and speakers, fuel paid for through donations and completely free, putting on a spectacle in the town square playing musical chairs and signing karaoke. This all runs every night from 18th till NYE and in doing so Bulami comes alive at night time in the run up to 2019.